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With the simple access to credit cards, the application procedure needs documentation, following which your credit card will be approved or rejected. Here is complete you need to know.

In the past, some people had credit cards; it was considered a lavish and utilized only by the well-heeled. Now, it is no longer considered a status symbol, but essentially. No self-respecting people will be without a pack of cards in his pocket.

Credit cards have accepted any place, and very easy to get now. If you’re a bank account, you can be pretty sure that the bank or people acting on its behalf will access you to offer a card.

In fact, you do not have to visit the bank to obtain the formalities done. In several cases, the representative’s land up at your doorstep with the application papers, and all you’ve to do is sigh on the dotted area.

Procedure to get credit card are streamlined now, so you’ll get them in a week or 2. If you’re eager to get your card, you can check the status of the card on the website of the bank. Each bank has its own procedure to check status.

 Details required

You’ll need to enter some info on the site to get details on your card status. This might include:

  • Date of birth
  • Mobile phone number
  • Application number
  • Captcha code

When you put all these details you might get the following responses on your credit card status:

  • Under procedure: This means that the card application is still being processed. And the bank is still checking your information like your eligibility for the credit score, credit card, limit and so on. So the application is still in the primary stage, and you might have to wait a little longer for the credit card.
  • Hold: if you acquire this response, there’d be some issue with the application.
  • Rejected: This means that your application has been rejected and there could be several reasons for your application being rejected; one could be a bad credit score. If you’ve defaulted on loan payments, your credit score could be very low, and therefore the bank might reject your card application. If your income falls under a certain minimum, or if your earnings are crooked, your credit card application could be rejected as well.
  • Dispatched: If you acquire this note while checking card status, it means that that your credit card has been approved and has been already sent to you. It is just a matter of moment before it reaches you. All you’ve to do when it comes is to sign on the back of the card, and the globe of shopping is wide open to you.