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Coaching is one of the most powerful tools for personal and professional growth. Today, many people turn to coaching to navigate their challenges and achieve their goals. This increasing demand makes it crucial to obtain the right certifications to stand out and make a meaningful impact. That’s why enrolling in iPEC is your best choice. Through interactive learning, ongoing support, and 30 years of research-backed science, iPEC equips you with the skills and credentials needed to excel in the coaching industry.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:


Your journey begins with Phase One, the “UNDERGRADUATE” training. This phase includes three live, interactive training modules, each lasting three days and spaced three months apart. Between these sessions, you’ll engage in live webinars, self-study, and practical skill-building exercises. You’ll learn to coach and also experience how it is being coached. This will help you understand both perspectives.


In Phase Two, the “GRADUATE” level, you’ll specialize in a coaching niche that aligns with your passion and career goals. Whether it is _LIFE COACHING, EXECUTIVE AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACHING, OR SPORTS AND PERFORMANCE COACHING_, you’ll gain expertise that makes you memorable and sought after in your chosen field.


Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you’ll integrate them into your daily life and career. As a coach-centric leader, you’ll be able to drive innovation and growth within your organization. Using iPEC’s research-backed tools, you’ll be able to deliver data-driven results, giving you a competitive advantage


Dreaming of starting your own coaching business? iPEC provides everything you need to succeed. From dynamic business tools to a supportive community of coaches, you’ll receive guidance to build a thriving practice. In addition, your journey with iPEC doesn’t end at graduation. You’ll have access to a massive resource library filled with tools, ready-made materials, and templates to support your coaching practice.

Elevate Your Potential with iPEC Coaching: Empower, Transform, Thrive!

iPEC’s program builds on your innate desire to help others, using research-backed tools to boost your credibility and confidence. What’s more intriguing is that Over 85% of iPEC students start working with paying clients during their training. This sets the stage for a thriving coaching career. Therefore, join the 25,000+ individuals who have experienced profound changes through iPEC coaching.