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According to financial news outlets, mini investing is about making smart choices with not a lot of money. You may have thought that would be obvious.

However, what is less obvious is where you start when you want to get into mini investing. Could it be that many of us are making it too complicated? It would appear so.

To your surprise, you may already be a mini investor. Best of all, you don’t have to go very far to find out. If you have a jewellery box, why not open it up and find out what is in there. It seems that many of us forget to look in our jewellery boxes when it comes to investments.

But, in fact, you may have more money in your jewellery box than you may think. That is exactly how easy mini investing is according to experts featured in the financial news.

Buying jewellery is not a bad idea when it comes to mini investing. However, you don’t want to pop down to your local jewellery store to do so. The problem with jewellery stores, is that they take into account overhead costs such as lighting and staff wages when it comes to their sales prices.

When you want to use precious metals such as gold and silver as a basis for your investment, visiting auctions and antique fairs, is a much better idea. You will find that you are much more likely to pay a fair price from a dealer.

The trick for every mini investor is to know when to sell. Keep your eye on the value of your mini investments and be ready to spring into action. When the price of your initial investment have gone up by 25 – 40%, it is a good idea to sell. One of the best way for mini investors to make money, is to spread their investments across a range of investments.

Books are quickly going up in price. Why take a look at what you have hidden in your book case? The right book is often worth its weight in gold.